Secondary frame system

Secondary frame system


- SSB Zed & Cee sections are roll-formed from hot-dipped Zinc-coated high strength strip comply with ASTM-A653, G450 Z275 (450 Mpa minimum yield strength, 275g/m2 minimum zinc coating mass). 
- This coating allows the product to be able to anti-oxidation under the impact of environment and Temperature and provide a long life for enclose buildings and open- sided rural buildings in a non- aggressive environment.
- Original coil materials come from trustable source by suppliers such as PhuongNam, NamKim, Dong A, Yeiphui …

- Wide Spanning Ability : SSB Z & C are made from Zinc- coated high tensile steel 450Mpa permits wide spanning ability while ensuring acceptable deflection.
- Simple and Low-Cost Fixing : Cut to Length and hole pre-punched SSB purlin can be lowered easily and exactly. High tensile galvanized steel brings light weight roof, helps save cost of the foundation.
- Low Maintenance cost : SSB Z & C are manufactured from galvanized steel which have a high corrosion resistance, gives a low maintenance cost and long last beauty

Stable Steel Building can produce C&Z non-standard dimensions to meet project requirement  


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